Sustainable bait fish sources

Investigating sustainable baitfish sources for the MSC certified Australian Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery project

Project Details

  • Funded by: Marine Stewardship Council Ocean Stewardship Fund

  • Project dates: April 2021-December 2022

  • Project leader: Phil Ravanello, Program Manager

  • Location: East coast of Australia

The project will investigate sustainable and alternative bait sources for Australia’s Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery.

The fishery’s certification to the MSC Fisheries Standard in August 2020 included a condition on the use of Argentine shortfin squid as bait.

These squid are widely used in global tuna longline fisheries due to their shape, size, longevity and attraction to all pelagic (mid-water) species. However, the squid is becoming increasingly difficult to source for sustainable fishing.

Tuna Australia will explore alternative bait sources, including other squid species, and artificial bait solutions that mimic the size, shape, texture, taste and movement of natural bait.

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