Seeking insight on world tuna markets

Tuna being unloaded. Photo by Millstream Media.

Tuna Australia is exploring market opportunities in the UK, USA and Japan for tuna certified as sustainable. 

Tuna Australia representatives will visit the UK, US and Japan in March 2024 to gather advice on navigating world tuna markets.

They will meet with:

  • Marine Stewardship Council regional staff
  • tuna marketing companies
  • distributors to auctions
  • supermarkets
  • premium sushi outlets
  • longline fishing associations.

The trip also connects with the Boston Seafood Fair.

Tuna Australia welcomes other meetings, so contact us to arrange a chat.

Finding new market opportunities

As global tuna markets adapt to sustainability demands, there's a shift in marketing strategies.

This presents an opportunity for companies entering this space.

Tuna Australia is eager to learn more about tuna marketing, including:

  • views on sustainability and MSC certification
  • opportunities for premium certified sustainable tuna
  • distinct markets for MSC produce
  • packaging and marketing strategies for MSC produce.

Our MSC-certified offerings

We proudly embrace the Marine Stewardship Council's certification process to ensure our produce is sustainable.

Currently, our MSC-certified fish includes:

Southern bluefin tuna is under assessment, and we intend to achieve certification later in 2024.

Value-adding initiatives

This work is part of Tuna Australia's Future Proofing project.

It investigates product and market diversification opportunities for Australia’s Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery catch.

This will help to enhance the fishery's value and strengthen the industry’s long-term viability.

The project is exploring:

  • encouraging greater fishery access via a fishing community quota fund
  • vertical integration in processing
  • meeting international premium MSC markets with quality produce
  • understanding MSC market price points and trends
  • optimising freight availability and cost
  • value-adding produce to address chilled transportation challenges
  • diversifying into resilient markets.

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