Meet Seascorp, provider of Filipino fishing crew

Meet Seascorp, provider of Filipino fishing crew

Seascorp is a 100 percent Filipino-owned crewing agent, deploying skilled, professional, and dedicated seafarers to ship owners globally. Tuna Australia spoke with Seascorp, who became a member in 2023, to learn about their services and Filipino fishers’ views on working in Australia.

Tell us about the Seascorp business.

Seascorp is turning 42 on 29 July 2024. We pride ourselves as a crew management company delivering professional, hard-working, honest, and good-natured Filipino fishing crew. We have deployed fishing crew to Japan, China and New Zealand, working on diverse vessels ranging from longliners to purse seiners and trawlers.

What strengths and skills do Filipino seafarers offer?

Filipino crew are hard-working, diligent, respectful, and good-natured. They are often regarded as the choice of ship owners, whether for the merchant marine or fishing, since they speak and understand English.

What makes you stand apart as a supplier?

Seascorp prides itself on its ethical standards. We live by our core values: professionalism, integrity, innovation and excellence. We are not just a crewing agent. We are a crew management company overseeing all aspects of supplying fishing crews.

How can Tuna Australia members access Filipino seafarers?

Australian boat owners who wish to hire Filipino fishing crew can rest assured that Seascorp will take care of their crew requirements from sourcing, nomination, mobilisation, deployment, and monitoring.

What do you think the demand for skilled fishers will be in the future?

An increase in the consumption of tuna is seen due to consumers opting for a healthier lifestyle. This can translate to an increase in worldwide fishing and skilled fishers.

How is the Australian Tuna fishery viewed by skilled Filipino fishers looking for work ?

Australia is one of the top three preferred countries for work for Filipino fishers because of the salary and benefits, fair and welcoming boat owners/employers, and ease of communication.

Can you share a traditional Filipino tuna recipe with our readers?

Sprinkle salt and pepper on tuna belly, then pop on the outside grill. Spread butter on the tuna belly once slightly brown. Grill until cooked, then pop open a beer and enjoy.