Meet a member: Mia Bredenberg of Sunderland Marine

Mia Bredenberg of Sunderland Marine.

Mia Bredenberg is the Australian Branch Manager for Sunderland Marine, which has been a member of Tuna Australia since 2016. Tuna Australia caught up with Mia to learn about her career journey and insurance services for longline tuna fishers.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My background has been marine centric. Initially, I enjoyed 10 years in a senior role, working with a great team, to develop one of Victoria’s premier club, marina and hardstand operations. This was followed by 12 years with one of Australia’s leading recreational boat insurers, with roles encompassing operations, finance, compliance, and staff development.

Mia Bredenberg of Sunderland Marine.

What does Sunderland Marine do?

Sunderland Marine is a commercial marine insurer, specialising in insurance for fishing, coastal and other specialist vessels such as small passenger craft, workboats, tugs, barges and harbour service vessels. We provide hull and machinery, protection and indemnity, and personal accident cover, which includes claims resulting from injured crew and passengers or damage to third-party property. We also provide aquaculture insurance for fish farms including stock mortality, equipment, and workboats. This is underpinned by our risk management services with ongoing support for insured owners.

What is your role at Sunderland Marine?

I lead its Australian operation. I work closely with our underwriting and claims team and support functions such as finance, risk and compliance, human resources, and marketing. Now that COVID restrictions have eased and we can move about again, I am looking forward to meeting industry members in person.

What tips can you give Tuna Australia members about picking the right insurance?

I can only speak for our team and why I believe we make a great and reliable tuna industry insurance partner. Sunderland Marine was established in 1882 and, since then, has been solely focussed on commercial marine. With 140 years of dedication to one industry segment, comes a lot of accumulated experience and, as a result, we have an expert understanding of the markets we are involved in. This is enhanced by being part of a global team, enabling us to work with highly specialised and skilled peers.

What services can Sunderland Marine provide to commercial fishers?

Insuring with Sunderland Marine enables commercial fishers to operate their business and vessels confidently. We provide insurance cover for hull and machinery breakdown or damage, and expenses involved with settling a claim or preventing a loss. Of course, like any insurance contract, our cover is subject to risk acceptance criteria and our underwriters evaluate each risk individually.

We offer flexible payment methods, and in the event of a claim, our experienced claims handlers help the owner to navigate the claims process to minimise downtime and commercial impact. As part of North Group, we have a global network of claims experts, consultants, surveyors, and lawyers to move the claims process forward as quickly as possible. We have been passionate and dedicated to the same industry as your members for 140 years and are here to stay.

Mia Bredenberg of Sunderland Marine.

What are the most common claims made by commercial fishers?

Most of the hull claims occur because of either grounding or heavy weather. For machinery claims, mechanical breakdown is the most common and it often impacts the main engines.

What's been a career highlight for you?

My career journey has centred around boats, which is fortunate because I have a personal passion for boating. I believe there is a strong relationship between personal wellbeing and meaningful work. I have been fortunate to enjoy long tenures in senior roles in organisations where I see a direct link between what we do and the value and benefit it brings. My overall motivation and personal satisfaction have always come from feeling a strong connection with the mission and values of the organisation I represent. I am particularly excited about my role with Sunderland Marine as I am fully aligned with the organisation’s ethos and demonstrated commitment to our niche commercial fisheries customer base.

What's your favourite seafood recipe or dish?

I make a wicked chili tuna pasta and haven’t had any complaints yet.

Thanks, Mia.

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