‘It’s going to be a great boat’: New tuna vessel taking shape after 4 months of construction

Klokan Fishing’s new tuna longliner is looking more like a boat every day, with the frames and engine beds now in place after four months of construction.

“All the guts of the boat are in there,” Klokan Fishing owner John Skoljarev told Tuna Australia.

“The frames have gone up and fuel tanks, fish room and engine beds are in.

“We’re getting close to the hull being completely plated, which is the next major milestone. Once the plating is complete, the boat will be turned over.”

The upside down bow frames with no hull plating.

A screen shot of the 3D model done by the architect, which can be moved around to look at the boat inside and out from any angle.

Every day, John visits the Kooragang Island workshop in Newcastle to oversee and help with the building.

He says he’s enjoyed watching the boat come to life before his eyes.

“I’ve never built a boat before, and I’m happy every day that I go there and see it progressing.

“I’m always amazed at what I see, and very impressed with the quality of the work being done. It’s going to be a great boat.”

Starboard side of the hull on the right, with lower wheel house accommodation in front.

The upside down hull with a chine plate being lowered into place.

Construction of the new tuna longliner started in April 2019 and the hull is expected to be finished in late 2019.

Following fit out, the boat will likely be ready to go out fishing in mid 2020. It will operate out of Port Stephens, NSW.

When asked about the boat’s name, John is giving no clues away.

“That’s top secret. I’ll reveal that at the end.”

Tuna Australia is tracking the progress of the boat’s construction, so stay tuned for more updates—and to find out the boat’s name.

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The lower part of the wheelhouse showing the back doors (upside down).

Fish room looking forward (upside down).

Some of the stainless steel parts.

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