In the news: Federal Treasurer visits Walker Seafoods

Tuna Australia member Walker Seafoods Australia has made front page news following a visit from the Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

Mr Frydenberg visited the Sunshine Coast-based business on 23 September to get feedback on some new government initiatives to keep small business strong.

The Sunshine Coast Daily front page on 24 September 2019.

“It’s great to be here at a local business employing hardworking Australians,” Mr Frydenberg said, according to a Sunshine Coast Daily article.

“This business like many others are benefiting from changes and reforms that the coalition has introduced back to business.”

A key initiative discussed during the Walker Seafoods visit was the extended instant asset write-off, now increased to $30,000.

Owner Heidi Walker said the asset write-off, available to more than 20,000 small and medium businesses, would be a huge help for her business.

“The write-off helps to increase cash flow and tax deductions,” she’s quoted as saying.

“It means that we can buy new pieces of equipment for our factory and for our boats and instantly have them written off.”

Mrs Walker said she was grateful for the opportunity to speak with the Treasurer about impacts on her business such as power prices.

Pages 4-5 of the Sunshine Coast Daily (24 September 2019).

As part of the visit, the Treasurer toured Walker Seafoods’ export facility, where he watched fish coming off boats and observed grading, cutting and packing of produce for export.

“He’s been able to see the business from the ground level,” Mrs Walker said, according to the article.

“It’s great to have someone from that level of the government come to Mooloolaba.”

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on a tour of the Walker Seafoods export facility.

Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace joined the visit, where he praised “hardworking” owners Heidi and Pavo Walker.

“They employ 50 people here in Mooloolaba, they work damn hard in providing fresh seafood, not just to Australians, but in fact 70 percent of their product goes to export,” he’s quoted as saying.

Mooloolaba has the largest long-lining fishing and tuna fleet on the east coast of Australia, processing $42.5 million worth of produce each year.

Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace and the Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg at the Walker Seafoods visit.

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