New program manager to boost Tuna Australia’s advocacy efforts

Phil Ravanello at his home in Mooloolaba with his puppy Legend

Phil Ravanello has this week joined the Tuna Australia team as program manager, providing a significant boost to the organization’s efforts to add further value to the longline tuna industry.

“The addition of a full-time program manager will enable Tuna Australia to lead research activities that contribute to the industry’s sustainable development, and improve resource access and profitability,” said David Ellis, Tuna Australia CEO.

In this role, Phil will manage a range of new research initiatives to support and strengthen the industry, including sustainability and organic certifications for the fishery, innovative fishing technologies, fishery data collection, and catch recording and reporting.

Phil Ravanello with his puppy Diesel.

“The Tuna Australia board have demonstrated their commitment to the long-term sustainability of the fishery. However, there will always be a need for continual improvement—and I’m really excited to be part of that,” said Phil, who’s based in Mooloolaba.

Phil brings vast industry experience to the role, including 12 years of experience working at the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, mostly in program/project/people management roles.

“During my time at AFMA, I worked on and led a range of projects relating to foreign compliance, intelligence and vessel monitoring systems, fisheries services, and bycatch and observer programs.

“I also worked alongside industry on a lot on ‘on-boat’ projects and with other government departments on marine park management and bycatch issues.”

Phil says this experience, along with his six-month stint at the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation, will be an asset in his new Tuna Australia role.

“Having worked at AFMA, I understand fisheries legislation and regulations, a key objective of which is achieving economically sustainable fishery management.

“So, I have a sense of how government, science and industry can come together to help with the profitability and long-term sustainability of the tuna fishery.”

Phil cruising the Mooloolaba canals.

Phil, who’s a keen recreational fisher himself, says that interacting with fishers is the thing he’s most looking forward to as program manager.

“I like being out and about and talking shop with fishers down on the docks, and it’s been a key theme in my career so far. I can’t wait to get out and meet the members.”

Phil is joining Tuna Australia from a role with the Queensland Government, where he was administering and implementing business process improvements to the $61 million Natural Resource Investment Program.

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