South Coast Fish Processors: Elevating seafood export and sustainability

Unloading tuna.

In the picturesque coastal town of Eden, NSW, South Coast Fish Processors has emerged as a new player in the seafood industry.

“In July 2022, we acquired the business, formerly known as Southland Fish Supplies, and gave it a new identity,” said Josh Pearce, General Manager, South Coast Fish Processors.

“We are a seafood receiver, processor, wholesaler, retailer and now exporter."

In August 2023, the business received its registration to export tuna and swordfish.

“This allows us to provide an export packing service in Eden with direct haulage to Sydney and Melbourne airports, currently using a locally based transport company,” said Pearce.

“Our location is halfway between the two major airports, giving us more flight options for Japan and the US. We can also easily service both the Melbourne and Sydney markets.”

The business intends to export Southern Bluefin Tuna for the remainder of this season and looking ahead to grow exports to include species such as Yellowfin, Big Eye and Swordfish.

“We hope to keep growing our exports and domestic supply of high-quality locally caught seafood,” he said.

We aim to make Eden the preferred port for fishing vessels, establishing the town as a pivotal place for unloading and processing seafood.”

South Coast Fish Processors plan to continue developing the business and, to ensure the sustainability of the export model, will pursue a diversification strategy.

“We are open to and investigating trade with many overseas markets, putting Eden and its seafood on the world map.”

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