Tuna Australia Trading: Diversifying the tuna industry

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the Australian tuna industry, threatening its economic viability. The closure of international passenger travel resulted in limited air freight availability and skyrocketing costs.

To secure the future of the Australian tuna sector, Tuna Australia has taken the lead in exploring domestic market diversification, increasing demand, and adding value to products to reduce reliance on export markets.

Building a sustainable tuna industry

Our project aims to develop and enhance a financially and environmentally sustainable tuna fishery.

By engaging in an intensive consultative process with quota holders and fishers, we ensure that they have access to quota without speculative influence, maintain confidence in the stability of their business, enjoy equal access to approved quotas, leverage individual competitive advantages, and contribute to social equity required for sustainability ratings.

A collaborative approach

We strive for significant industry support and agreement on a business model that uses a community quota pool and facilitates the growth of processing capacities alongside business development.

This phased approach will be recommended in consultation with government agencies, capitalising on Australia's renowned fisheries management and the safe, high-quality reputation of our tuna and billfish resources.

Market diversification and resilience

Through an investigation into market diversification, we have identified the opportunity for consolidation and centralisation to achieve the economies of scale necessary for processing, value-adding, storing, distributing, and marketing Australian tuna domestically and internationally.

By adopting a strategic approach, we aim to enhance industry resilience and build a sustainable future.

Introducing Tuna Australia Trading

To initiate this project, Tuna Australia Trading will establish itself as a stand-alone marketing company.

Our focus is to diversify Australian demand for locally caught and produced tuna, reducing reliance on imported fish and fostering local economic growth.

By supporting local fishing companies, we aim to create job opportunities in rural and regional areas.

High seas ultra-low temperature fishing vessels

To achieve our objectives, Tuna Australia Trading will declare/hire high seas ultra-low temperature fishing vessels.

These cutting-edge vessels will catch fish following the rules of the Australian Fisheries Management Authority and enable us to process tuna quickly, optimising quality and freshness.

The catch will be promptly frozen to -65°C, ensuring exceptional product quality and allowing us to meet the demands of the Australian tuna fishing sector.