Protected waters: Fishing and conservation sectors support marine park plans

It’s hotting up in the senate with the five disallowance motions covering each of the Commonwealth marine parks management plans being voted on this Thursday 16 August.

What makes this situation interesting is commercial fishing, recreational fishing and the conservation sector are all in agreeance that ALL the Commonwealth marine park management plans currently in place need to remain that way.

A key point made by a crossbencher when the plans were last voted on in March 2018 – ‘not supporting the plans leaves our waters unprotected and also leaves uncertainty.’

Commonwealth marine parks

Commonwealth marine parks

The fishing industry needs certainty as this process has dragged on for too long and has placed unnecessary economic and emotional burden on fishers and their families.

The crossbenchers hold the balance of power and will decide what management plans remain in place and which plans are withdrawn. We trust they will honour their original position.

Here is the latest media release from the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation.

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