PM Scott Morrison visits Walker Seafoods to discuss COVID-19 impacts

Scott Morrison at Walker Seafoods in Mooloolaba on Tuesday 28 July 2020. Photo by AAP

Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited Tuna Australia member Walker Seafoods Australia in Mooloolaba on Tuesday 28 July to discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on their business.

Owner and CEO Pavo Walker told the prime minister how the pandemic and subsequent lockdown had limited their ability to hire staff and get out on the water.

“We’ve lost a lot of crew,” he said.

Mr Walker explained that fishing is a “particularly hard job.”

“We rely on 482 crews, experienced guys from overseas. It’s very hard to get local guys to go to sea for that long without Facebook or mobile phones, so we’re reliant on our 482s.”

A 482 is a temporary visa that lets an employer sponsor a suitably skilled worker to fill a position they can’t fill with an Australian staff member.


During the visit, the prime minister learned how various government grants have assisted Walker Seafoods during the pandemic.

“Through the instant asset write-off scheme they [Walker Seafoods] have been able to purchase a new blast freezer, which has allowed them to adapt their business and keep going strong through COVID,” the prime minister posted on social media.

“They have also been able to keep all their staff on thanks to the cash flow support payments and JobKeeper program.”

Walker Seafoods posted about the event on social media, calling it a “big day”.

“We felt very heard,” Ms Walker told Daily Mail Australia. “He was very good to us and gave us a lot of his time alone.”

Scott Morrison visits Walker Seafoods. Photo by Walker Seafoods.

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