Hiring now: Tuna Australia is looking for a Program Manager (contract)

Tuna Australia is looking for a home-based Program Manager (12-month contract).

Read on to know more or view the PDF version of the vacancy advertisement. If it sounds like the perfect role, we’d love to hear from you!

About Tuna Australia

Tuna Australia represents statutory fishing right owners, holders, fish processors and sellers, and associate members associated with the eastern and western tuna and billfish fisheries of Australia. 

The Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery extends from Cape York in northern Queensland to the Victoria/South Australian border including the waters of Tasmania and the Western Tuna and Billfish Fishery extends from the Victoria/South Australia border to the west until the coast reaches Cape York. Commercial fishers use a variety of pelagic fishing methods with the dominant fishing method being pelagic longline. 

Fish targeted include Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares), Bigeye Tuna (T. obesus), Albacore Tuna (T. alalunga), Broadbill Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) and Striped Marlin (Tetrapturus audax). In addition, some members of the fishery target Southern Bluefin Tuna (T.maccoyii). 

The goal of TA is to plan, invest and manage the association to improve the representation of the fishery. The objectives are to: 

  • ensure ecological sustainable development of the industry; 
  • improve resource access and property rights; 
  • improve profitability; 
  • extend and market industry practices to stakeholders and the general public; 
  • enhance market opportunity; and 
  • improve safety and workforce development. 

The position

We are looking for a person to join our innovative and dynamic industry association. In this role, you will be responsible for:

1. Managing a suite of research projects including:

A. Sustainability certifications for the fishery
B. Innovative fishing technologies
C. Fishery data collection
D. Catch recording and reporting 

2. Developing key documents to support the operation of Tuna Australia and its members including components of a code of practice, meeting papers, minutes, and summaries. 
3. Reviewing Tuna Australia by-laws and guiding documents.
4. Supporting the CEO and attending meetings.

Skills and abilities essential to the role: 

  • Excellent skills in oral and written communication for liaising with diverse stakeholders including industry, government and the general public. 
  • Excellent judgment, strong initiative, and high-level abilities in assessing complex information to identify innovative solutions.
  • A sound research background with strong analytical skills, report writing, data collection, critical thinking, planning and scheduling, and attention to detail.
  • An ability to maintain focus on the big picture and identify strategic connections while ensuring accuracy, timeliness and attention to detail in the preparation of information.
  • An ability to manage and prioritise a diverse and demanding work program, as well as provide guidance and direction to the CEO under tight time constraints. 
  • It is desirable for the applicant to have some level of sea experience.
  • Prepared to travel.
  • A background in marine science is desirable.

Ideally, the successful applicant will be based in Canberra, or in one of our major fishing ports on the east coast of Australia 

For more information on the role, please contact David Ellis – 0427 837 966.

Remuneration will be based on experience and qualifications.

Only those applicants that progress to an interview will be notified. 

How to apply 

Please submit the following via email to David Ellis (david@davidellis.biz) by 5 pm on Monday 8 July: 

  • two-page expression of interest addressing the essential skills and abilities of the advertised position; 
  • current resume; and 
  • contact details of two referees including your current employer (if applicable).

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